Welcome For me, quality is the norm and standard, while in the other just an option.   It is the fastest growing company established in 2010, Hexbeam are still developed and tested in extreme conditions. Top quality at the lowest price that You do not get in others.   Check Yourself and enjoy! Built only with the best tools – KNIPEX , BOSH , MAKITA , METABO , BERNER , KLAUKE , Waterjet Flow. HEXBEAM SP7IDX TECHNOLOGY® it is ideal for Your DXpedition , IOTA – SOTA activation, field days or solid HEXBEAM set,etc. “Hexbeam designed by G3TXQ Broadband Hexbeam confirmed over 1223 uses all over the WORLD . HEXBEAM can now be bought from commercial sources but only HEXBEAM SP7IDX TECHNOLOGY offers the best price for the best performance at the best result confirms sold HEXBEAM on the whole world.  The HEXBEAM SP7IDX TECHNOLOGY is operating in 120 countries -Best Result !