HEXBEAM SP7IDX TECHNOLOGY®  – Your DXpedition Success.

Requirements for DxPedition Sponsorship:

  • The size of the dxpedition’s group must contain at least two persons.
  • Logos of HEXBEAM SP7IDX TECHNOLOGY®  must be placed on DX-Pedition website before , during and will remain on the website after the DX-Pedition.
  • Logos HEXBEAM SP7IDX TECHNOLOGY will be placed on the QSL cards as sponsor.
  • Hexbeam must be returned to my address in good condition within 8-10 days after returning from DX-Pedition
  • A Eham review will be written and placed on here : www.eham.net/reviews/detail/10554
  • Shipping cost will be paid by DX-Pedition team.
  • I will help in making a professional flag , baner , t-shirt on Your DXpedition. – all free !
  • I am not charging additional fees type of deposit .HEXBEAM SP7IDX TECHNOLOGY the public trust HAM operator.

„List of supplied sponsored”