• New Heavy duty centre hub and lightweight (aluminium 7005 )
  • Plate is 6mm thick and professionally cut on a CNC waterjest machine–company FLOW
  • Cenntre hub is finished with silver anodised-protect it against corrosion for life
  • Professionally double Flange from magnesium-very strong
  • 35mm pipe aluminium lower mast
  • Professionaly Heavy duty polyamide element clamps
  • All screw , dial -Stainless steel HQ -1H18N12T
  • Logo gold or silver

Centre Post new model

  • New Heavy duty centre post – pipe ( aluminium 6063-T832 ) + Stainless steel pipe
  •  The 6063-T832 tubing provides good resistance to general corrosion, including stress corrosion cracking, and an excellent surface appearance
  • All screw , dial -Stainless steel HQ -1H18N12T
  • 24 funnel teflon inside centre post
  • OS 239 connector installed to attach your feed line from your transceiver
  • N type socket optional
  • Numeric codes
  • The adjustable mount will accomodate masts up 35mm -tipical.
  • 100% water tightness
  • 1:1 balun ferrite-option

Wire Elements and Spreader

  • Professionally Fibreglass Spreader-very strong -(wall thickness2,4mm) UVprotected , inside specially reinforced
  • spreader comes in three sections fibreglass tubing
  • Total assembled length of 353cm- NO CUTTING OR MEASURING REQUIRED
  • Professionally Wire -1,5mm2 ,is made from twenty (20) stand copper wire with a PVC coating ,UV resistant ,all joints are sealed with heat shrink wrapping – made in Furukawa Electric Japan or or Lapp Kabel Germany.
  • Wire elements come complete, no measuring or cutting is required
  • Professionally 2mm diameter high strength Kevlar guy line.UV resistant. (500lb breaking strength ) very low stretch: 1%
  • Professionally Numeric codes Wire elements
  • Connection wire elements M5 -Haupa Germany
  • S-hooks – Stainless steel HQ
  • the six amateur radio bands 20-17-15-12-10-6 meters
  • SWR low across each bands
  • The small turn radius ,the simple wire only multiband concept
  • Wind surface area tested North Norway ,Faroe isl,Iceland  ,far windy and cold over 120-150km/h !
  • No problem for big winter big snow and the ice cords
  • Symmetrical shape will withstand wind better than other antenna designsWind and snow surface area