Aluminium masts


Perfect DXpedition mast for portable or solid for – HEXBEAM , Spiderbeam ,Yagi

HD Aluminium Telescopic push-up mast

small and lightweight! new model – version expedition – 5m – 4,5kg

Technical data:

  • Fully extracted length ( height) : 7,1m
  • Transportation length : 1,6m
  • Length one segments : 1,5m
  • Number of segments : 5
  • Bottom diameter : 60mm
  • Top diameter : 40mm
  • Wall thickness : 2mm
  • Pole material : Aluminium 6101/6061 AlMgSi , High quality ,corrosion resistant
  • Number of rotary bearings with guy clampings : 1
  • Strong interlock clamps
  • The distance from the ground of the rotary bearing : 5,7m
  • Weight : 6,3kg

Aluminium Masts It has separate thrust bearings with Teflon fitting hoods so that
it is possible to turn around the mast.
This also gives the possibility of installing the rotor at the base of the mast
which greatly relieves the entire structure.

The mast is specially made for HEXBEAM SP7IDX TECHNOLOGY and can be inserted in the last part of the bottom pipe of the centre post hexbeam to lock it.

The lock is similar to the one which locks individual parts in the mast.

The drill for mast mounting is constructed in a way which allows its turning and locking (in order to avoid its turning in heavy wind conditions).

The mast can be turned manually, engine is not necessary, but it can be installed.

Mast Ground base – drill– full insulated from the mast . Base allows mast rotation.
Avaliable for mast diameters 60mm. Included drilling hand and blocking screw.

Ground Mounting Hook – is a kind of bracket for mounting masts guy lines.
Made of stainless steel as part of a screw length of 50 cm into the soil,
provides high resistance to tearing, it is easy and convenient to install.
With the masts base – drill and polipropylen …